Due to the current situation related to coronavirus (COVID-19), the offer "Truffle Hunting" is canceled until further notice.

Truffle Hunting

Thinking of an authentic and unique way to explore Serbia?

Embark on a journey that will take you deep into the Serbian woods that hide an undiscovered treasure – luxurious mushrooms known as “God’s fruit” because of their rarity and exclusive value. Upon an early morning arrival to the destination you will be greeted by a hunter accompanied by trained dog and your search will begin! After the hunt and trophy truffle catch, follows the drive back to Belgrade where you will be welcomed with a signature truffle breakfast at bohemian historical quarter of Skadarlija, located in the very heart of Belgrade. In the same location will be provided free time to shop in Damar Tartufi store where you will find these delicious truffles packed in take-away delights.

Join us for an exclusive half-day trip
Where your experienced local guide will take you on an adventure you will never forget!

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